Full Moon and Magical Moments…

I recently decided I was going to write a blog post once a week. Only I hadn’t taken into account that we aren’t wired for being creative ALL the time. I thus found it strange that the stories didn’t just pour out of me, given I’ve had so many sweet and memorable experiences over the past few weeks. Then I realized that it’s night of full moon and my missing creativity suddenly makes sense – I seem to get quite emotionally and physically distraught by the full moon. A full moon meditation, reminding me that I’m a magical being, as well as setting an intention to put this magic into writing, cleared out the mind clutter and I’m now ready to share some pretty cool New Orleans stories with you….

As any memorable experience largely is the result of the connections we make with the people we’re with, let me introduce you to some of the magical people I’ve met over the past couple of weeks in this equally magical city of New Orleans

Ester, still wearing high heels at 94

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I’ve Had The Time Of My Life…at Esplanade Studios!

Yesterday and today I had the time of my life. And, really, that’s probably not a coincident given that my producer here in New Orleans, Donny Markowitz, actually wrote that song. For which he won an Oscar BTW, and yes, it’s this one… Donny told me that he never actually lifted up the statuette himself, but that he figured that everyone who’d since touched it has left a bit of their good energy in it. I like to think that I belong to that group.

Posing with my buddy, Oscar :)

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NOLA and MUSIC getting close…

As I’m writing this, in eight short days I’ll be on my way to New Orleans, a place that’s been a home to me for over six years and to which I keep getting pulled back. The city has that sort of magical spell on you, as many people have expressed an agreement with to me. It seeps in and leaves you affected for life. Indeed, I’ve felt this exact effect, as I’ve ridden up and down the streets of the French Quarter on my cruiser bike greeting new, of which you make at least one a day, and old friends, while smelling the moist, warm air in between yummy restaurant odors and being overwhelmed by the explosion of colors and shapes of the charming surroundings.

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